Thursday, December 12, 2013

Early Christmas Gift

I am so excited about my early Christmas gift!

We are having our pictures taken next summer by BLUE LILY PHOTOGRAPHY!!  I am beyond thrilled for this to happen.  We have not had a family picture taken since 2008 and have added another child to the mix since then.  Poor kid can't figure out why there are no pictures of him and the rest of the family around the house.  Umm, because they don't exist son, they just don't exist.  But that is all going to change next summer and I can not wait!

Annual Cousin Picture
Courtesy of your local big box retailer

This was our last attempt at "professional" pictures.  Nevermind the Frat Boy pose from Little Hoot.  We really have come to expect that kind of behavior from him and just chose to ignore it most of the time.  It's everything else about it that is so wrong.  I really hate the quick throw everyone in a huddle and hope for the best scenario.  It clearly doesn't work.  
It will be very nice to have time to slow down and get everyone's personality captured.  I am guessing Little Hoot's picture will not look too much different, but again, we expect that from him.  Given the length of time we go between family photo sessions, this could quite possibly be the last time before Big Hoot leaves home.  It makes me sad to think about that.  Wasn't he just a baby yesterday??!
Or, maybe this will be the best experience ever and we will stalk Blue Lily and follow them around the world and have them take our pictures everywhere!

Now I definitely have a reason to return to the gym.  I must lose the baby weight before these pictures.  
Maybe I will go pick out my super cute outfit now and have extra motivation!

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