Monday, December 16, 2013

More DIY

We are still in the process of redecorating a couple of bedrooms around here.

Throw in an ankle surgery, a few holidays and two birthdays and well, the home improvements have come to a complete standstill.

Here is one quick project I managed to finish and get up on the wall.

I followed Brown Eyed Fox's tutorial for her Thankful Boards to create a bulletin/photo board in the bedroom

I started with this huge gold frame I had (sorry, no before pictures.  I get too distracted to stay on task whilst I DIY).  It was a huge gold frame with a floral print in it.  My friend was going to throw it away!  Luckily I was there to save it from that nasty fate and turn it into this beauty.  A little turquoise spray paint and some white glaze and it had a whole new outlook on life.  

Stapled some chicken wire (I think the square stuff is still technically chicken wire) to the back.  Add some of my favorite pictures with cute clothespins and magnets and DONE!  Easy Peasy!

These are my Grandmas at my wedding many years ago
The one on the left lived to 96
The one on the right is still alive and kicking at 103!
Of course I had to make some fabric covered button magnets because they are so much fun to make.

This was my first time glazing anything.  I wasn't totally thrilled with how it turned out.  I think I needed to make the glaze thinner.  But it is fine for now and chances are, it won't stay this color and or purpose for long.  I heart change!

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