Thursday, November 21, 2013

All I Want for Christmas

This book.  I have wanted it for-evah.  It looks like I was one month too early for Whatever Craft Weekend.  Because the November ladies all got one!

This.  Because this is the year I am going to lose the baby weight.  The "baby" is closing in on 4 after all.  It is time to do something about it

Umm, Hello.  Yes, Yes, I would love to see this adorable little guy in my stocking.

This would look lovely next to my hubby's red one.  Mine would be stocked with glitter and fabric and scrapbook paper and Washi tape and twine and…...

This cookbook.  Purely to look at the pictures and drool over the food.  I hate to cook and bake so I can't imagine it would get much use that way.  But I would spend hours pouring over the pages and the  fabulous pictures

My kitchen would be a much happier place with these fun bar stools lining the counter.  I bet homework would be more fun to do whilst sitting on one of these as well.  
Target, you know the way to my heart (and credit card).

Gotta run.  Blogging while sitting poolside for Big Hoot's diving lesson and he is done.  Time to bundle up and head out into the snow.  Yes.  Snow.  Blah.  Winter is here for good now.

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