Sunday, November 17, 2013

Still Here

Ugh.  Sometimes life happens all at once!

My husband was scheduled for ankle surgery, which we had known about for months.  So we thought we would have plenty of time to get a few home projects done between kid summer activities ending and the surgery.

Then the surgery got moved UP!!  Insert panic here.  We just had a few days to move furniture, paint, have new carpet installed, put everything back and still make it to the hospital in time for the surgery! Whew!  It was a busy few days, but we made it.

So with new carpet and paint, the accessories in the rooms needed a makeover as well of course.  With everything else we had going on and sucking money out of our bank account, my hubby set my re-decorating budget at $0.  Boo!

So here is my first project the bargain price of FREE!  It will work for now, but I always have my eyes peeled for the next bargain!

I started with this old DIY lampshade and stripped it of it green/brown flower loveliness 

 Enlisted the help of a very UN-helpful helper

Dug through my Washi tape collection and found this beauty
It is from Target.  I think it is the K & Company brand

Stuck it around the bottom of the lampshade, smoothing out the creases and bubbles as I went

Put it back in its spot and decided it was good for now!
It looks so happy next to my favorite little owl and all for the cost of zero dollars

Check back soon for the other updates I did for nearly nothing.  It is really why I HEART the internet so much.  They were all tutorials done by some of my favorite Bloggers!

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