Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Craft Weekend

I can pinpoint very few experiences in my life that I would say were life-changing.  The Whatever Craft Weekend was quite possibly one of those experiences.

I have always done crafty stuff and loved it.  I even went so far as to open an Etsy shop and then never stock it.  I always thought, "who would want to buy my stuff?".  Last July I got the email from Whatever Craft Weekend ladies saying it was FINALLY my turn (after 2 years on the wait list) to come check out all the goodness.  So on a Friday in October, I packed my suitcase and headed off to Kansas to come to the realization that if I ever want to make a go of this crafty talent, I just need to dive in and do it!

Everything about Craft Weekend is absolutely AMAZING!  The food, the crafts, the shopping, the house and of course all the fabulous new friends.  And the swag....Oh My the swag.  All the amazing and talented people who are willing to share inspired me even more.

Here is just a glimpse at the amaze-balls stuff I got to bring home

This adorable keychain from PaperDoll Designs 
Karen was also at Craft Weekend so I got to craft along side her!  I can 't wait to do some serious Christmas shopping in her shop.  I heart it all!

This picture does not do these earrings justice.  They are beautiful.
They are from Amy from Heartshine Jewelry
She was also at Craft Weekend.  It was truly inspiring to be in the company of such talented women!

Thuy from mypaperpinwheel brought all the girls cute rainbow socks!  I love them since the weather has taken a turn for cold up here in the North.  
Lisa Leonard Designs sent these camera necklaces.  I have always drooled over everything on her website and am so happy to finally own something
Dayspring gave these great mugs.  
Avenue Lou sent sunglasses cases.  Now I can keep track of my $5 sunglasses instead of having to replace them every week.  Maybe I can even upgrade to a $10 pair
Jenniferdahldesigns sent this absolutely perfect necklace.  The fabric scrap pile proved this more than once!
Adorbs owl necklace from Sortasouthern.  Did I mention that I have a thing for owls??  I wear this guy a lot!
We were the jewelry group for sure!  This necklace is from wifeysinger
Another great pair of earring from ike & co.  I have already added a few things to my Christmas list from this site also!
Love this clutch from Jennalou.  I put it to use in my ginormous purse.  Now I can actually find my stuff instead of having to dig to the bottom every time!  And she is a MN girl...gotta love that!
Matthew Mead sent his latest magazine

AND he signed them.  I know I know I am a dork
Katygirl sent a print of one of her many fantastic prints.  I can't wait to get this in a frame and on the wall
BrowardPatch camera strap is amazing.  Its polka dot, which makes it that much better!
Glazed From the Heart sent this necklace.  I have to say I might be set for a while with all my new jewelry.  But probably not......

The generosity of the sponsors is just a small part of what makes Craft Weekend so fun.  I will be back later with my own pictures of my new friends, crafts and antiquing finds.  

Seriously go check out all the sponsors.  It is never too early to get a jump on that Christmas shopping!

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