Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The DIY That is Saving My Sanity

I hate it.

Towels are the worst.  

I have tried to get my kids to use the same towel more than once.  A concept that they clearly cannot grasp.

The final straw that pushed me over sanity's edge was when I went to get a clean towel for me and they only thing left was a green hooded frog towel.  Upon walking into Big Hoots room I see three of my good towels.wadded the corner.


So I came up with this little number and a plan to keep the towel peace around these parts

I took a piece of wood, painted it with some paint I had on hand.  Did some string art letters for their initials, added some hooks, and hung that puppy front and center on the bathroom wall!

I went to Target and purchased six towels (3 pattern and 3 solid) that went with the colors in our bathroom.  Then I let them each choose two.  The deal is this:  They are solely responsible for making sure they have a clean towel on their hook and for making sure their dirty towel gets into the laundry room with the rest of their clothing.  

So far so good....

Let's just pause for a moment and reflect on the cute chubbiness of this.  All 3 Hoots at 9 months old.
Bottom left-Big Hoot at a big box store studio
Top right-Middle Hoot-another big box store
Top left-Little Hoot-in our living room, in a pink drink tin, with a giant duck that was ours then went to a friends house and came back for a cameo for this picture.  Let's also note that frame isn't even the right size for the picture.  #poorthirdchild

ANNND at what point does this become awkward for Big Hoot's tween friends to walk into our bathroom and see his baby self half nekkid on the wall.
It might be time to start considering some new decor........

My sanity-1
Wet towel laundry-0

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